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Local Search

The majority of your sales and leads are likely to be generated in the city that hosts your physical business. If you have a tangible product that is perishable or a local service that runs in a restricted area, you need to tweak your online presence in such a manner that local people can find you easily. For instance, if you run a florists shop or a bakery, the majority of your products will need to be delivered locally to your areas within your city. This means that people in your city should know about your business, or at least be able to find your business easily if they are looking for your services online. This means that you need to optimize your website accordingly in the search engines.

Many times they will look for specific physical locations near their homes when they type in their phrases in the search engine and you need to ensure that these potential customers are aware that you deliver to their locality. One out of five search requests in a search engine is looking for a geo-specific target that they can reach out to with ease. Unfortunately not enough importance is given by website owners to this local aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Our Search Engine Optimization professionals at Adiante are well aware of the potential of this often underutilized marketing strategy. They will allow you to effectively claim your listings in the business centers of local search engines to ensure that your contact information is easily made available to the public.

At Adiante we help you to optimize your profile by creating customized fields to provide informative descriptions of your business. It is not enough to ensure that your website displays your address and phone number accurately, you also need to tell your visitors exactly what you provide them with. This business data helps them understand what all you can do for them. They should also, preferably, be able to get all this information even before they click through the link on the search engine to land on your website. This can happen if you manage to get your existing customers to rate your website and business on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A five star rating from an existing customer can really make the difference for a first time potential customer.

We also help you get links at local web directories that list businesses in your area. These local search engines are used often by potential visitors and we will help you ensure that you have a good presence on Yelp, City Search, Google Places and similar business listing websites that offer data on local businesses in a specific geographical location. We will assist you to distribute your business data and related content not just on the main search engines but also on second and third tier directories that may be used by your local population. At Adiante we can help you to track where your traffic is coming from and distinguish which traffic is the best source of profit for your business.